New site development

First of all, sorry for the massive lack of updates to the site. I realised that although the idea for this site is good (and works!), the execution of it so far has been poor. Being limited to certain themes on a blog is not so good for an vocab-based blog, with some features not needed, and some not being sufficient enough for what I’m trying to do.

I have taken on the challenge to re-produce Learn Finnish in a new way using a platform I have developed myself. I am still currently testing the site and its features, and progress is going well. The platform is much more suited to a vocab-based blog than WordPress is currently, and handles vocabulary very well in a blog environment.

I have taken some screenshots of the new site. As you will see, I am hoping to get a decent and relevant domain for the site.

(Click for larger versions)





There are new features such as a random word generator, advanced browse and search features, better integration with Quizlet for learning the words and new subscription methods over phone and IM.

The site will get a tweaked design before launch as it is a bit bland at the moment. I am hoping for a launch within the next two months. Please stick close and watch out for updates as we get towards the launch of the new site.

Please comment with your thoughts and any ideas you have for the site in the Comment section below. I would love to hear people’s suggestions. Also, any support for hosting and domain name reserving would be very well received.


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